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Poetry Archive: Tony Harrison Reading From His Poems

Tony Harrison

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About this title

1. Thomas Campey and the Copernican System
2. The Pocket Wars of Peanuts Joe
3. The Bedbug
4. Guava Libre
5. Prague Spring
6. The Nuptial Torches
7. Flying Down to Rio¹
8. Heredity
9. On Not Being Milton
10. Classics Society
11. National Trust
12. Them & [uz]
13. Book Ends
14. Isolation
15. Continuous
16. Marked with D.
17. The Icing Hand
18. Timer
19. Under the Clock
20. Gaps
21. Initial Illumination
22. A Cold Coming
23. Legal Ruling
24. The Cycles of Donji Vakuf
25. Noah¹s Sacrifice
26. Fig on the Tyne
27. The Krieg Anthology (extracts)
28. Shrapnel

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